RunnerUp at International Junior Masters

runnerup IJM  trophy
East Aurora, NY – The 2013 International Junior Masters from Jun 25 – 28, 2013 saw the return of the 2012 defending champion, Joey Savoie and 2012 3rd placed Matt van Niekerk, representing South Africa in his third and final appearance at the event.

Although Matt’s putter went cold in the early stages of the tournament, he battled through the first two rounds to qualify for the Gold Bracket of match play, which started on Thursday morning of June 27th.

Matt’s longtime golf coach, Jeff St. John from High Performance Golf suggested minor changes in the ball position and stroke, which helped turn on the magic switch to see Matt through to the finals on Friday afternoon after defeating his three opponents.

Thanks to the distance, accuracy off the tee and precision iron-play, he was able to put himself in position to putt for birdie on most holes, reaching greens at an average of 13/18 in regulation during the tournament. This is a remarkable achievement and shows great form leading up to more tournaments planned for this summer.